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The flywheel is an integral part of a clutch replacement. In today’s tightly packaged clutch systems, flywheels can easily be machined beyond their usable life – a critical flaw that would not be evident until after the clutch is installed. Improper machining can also cause interference, no release and slipping problems. Pairing your LuK RepSet with a new LuK flywheel is a smart, cost-effective alternative to resurfacing.


Conventional Flywheels

LuK conventional flywheels are dynamically balanced to reduce vibration and improve clutch performance. All new – never remanufactured – every flywheel component is engineered and built to original-equipment specifications, including the ring gear and dowel pins.


Dual-mass Flywheels

LuK dual-mass flywheels absorb engine vibrations before they are transmitted to the driveline where they can create gear rattle. These units feature a built-in damper designed to isolate engine torque spikes and prevent transmission damage. By design, dual-mass flywheels cannot be resurfaced.


Solid Flywheel Replacements

LuK engineers have developed solid flywheel replacements for some original-equipment dual-mass applications. Designed as bolt-in replacements, LuK RepSets and solid flywheel options provide increased torque capacity and many feature clutches with a larger diameter than the original clutch they replace.


Aluminum Performance Flywheels

LuK’s high performance aluminum flywheels reduce weight and maximize usable horsepower. These dynamically-balanced flywheels are precision-machined from ultra-lightweight 1061 T6 Aluminum for high strength and excellent heat dissipation. The friction surface and ring gears are machined from 1050 high-carbon tool steel to ensure long life and excellent performance under pressure.